About Us


We pursue creative ideas, practical solutions, and efficient systems. We seek to support ourclients' business objectives by enhancing the quality of their environment.


Our commitment to preservation goes beyond just architecture; we create sustainable buildings and landscapes that are in harmony with nature and culture. As a small firm, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide unique designs- all while utilizing contemporary technologies.

Suthar Architects, established in 1990. “It’s been more than 30 years since we started paving our way in the world of structures and designs. “Suthar Architects is an amalgamation of creativity and proficiency for a modern world. Our talented team work tirelessly to create high quality designs that are both creative and sustainable. 

With industrial projects as well as residential, commercial and religious, Suthar Architects has something for everyone. The strength of our design vision comes from decades of experience and expertise while always embracing the importance of efficiency, eco- friendliness, and affordability.

This firm has a team of ambitious professionals who strive for excellence. Our team includes architects, civil engineers, and interior designers. We specialize in every facet of design-related work and have high standards for ourselves.

One can get a glimpse of our values while browsing the diverse projects we take on. Elements of creativity, passion and integrity come from our legacy of intellectual prowess. We strive to provide contentment for our clients and continue to build strength in our field by hiring smart people.

Our Team

Er. Harish Suthar

Suthar has its roots in the “minds of architects” and has by now grown into a multi-disciplinary architectural firm. Our approach is unique because it combines creative solution to design with integrated services to create complete environments.

Ar. Aditya Suthar

At Suthar Architects, we believe that architecture is not just about design and construction—it’s about community. Our aim is to serve our neighbors and project partners with responsible, responsive design that comes from attentive discussions and thoughtful solutions.