Interior Design Service

Interior Design is what we do.

We exist to create the beautiful backdrops against which our clients experience their lives. 

We are honored by the trust clients impart to us to select the sofa on which emotional conversations will occur, a table on which a young artist will create many masterpieces, and a fabric which can evoke a specific memory 50 years later. 

Walls contain hope, joy, sadness, grief, and laughter; it is our privilege and our promise to design beautiful spaces within which to experience emotion and life.

We love what we do—and we love it when you love it too. That’s why we offer our services in North India and beyond: from retail spaces like restaurants and bars to showrooms and salons; from corporate offices to homes; from office spaces to residential homes—we have helped literally thousands of people make their spaces more beautiful than they ever thought possible.

Our work is all about creating right furniture placement (in order to ensure comfort), using right colors & textures (to ensure harmony), lighting (to ensure brightness), personality & liking of owner (to ensure aesthetics). And of course, we keep our eyes peeled for budget constraints—but more importantly for balance between function & form.